George Siber, MD

Dr. Siber is an infectious disease trained physician with 40 years’ experience in developing vaccines and antibody products. From 1996 to 2007, Dr. Siber served as Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Wyeth Vaccines (now Pfizer) where he led the development and approval of multiple innovative childhood vaccines, including Prevenar7 and 13, the first pneumococcal conjugate vaccines,  Rotashield, the first rotavirus diarrhea vaccine, Meningitec, the first meningococcal meningitis conjugate vaccine and FluMist, the first nasal influenza vaccine. Prior to Wyeth, Dr. Siber was Harvard Medical School Associate Professor of Medicine at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Director of the Massachusetts Public Health Biologic Laboratories where he developed multiple vaccines and immune globulins, including Respigam, the first antibody licensed for respiratory syncytial virus. Dr. Siber currently is a Co-founder and Board Member of Affinivax and serves on the BOD of Genocea. Dr. Siber serves on the SABs of CureVac, ILiAD, Valneva, Vaxess, AdVaccine and Clover. Dr Siber has received multiple awards including the 2016 Albert Sabin Gold Medal in vaccinology.