The Vaxxine Platform: Programming the immune system to fight disease

Vaxxinity’s innovative tech platform utilizes synthetic peptide immunogens linked to precision-engineered target antigens to activate the immune system against disease.  A modular platform, it can activate B- and T-cell arms of the immune system selectively, and even combine multiple antigens into a single formulation, or a “multitope vaccine.”

After 5 billion doses commercialized from our platform in animal health, and data from 5 clinical trials, we have observed unique features of our platform compelling for use in a broad array of disease areas.

  • Long durability, with rapid titer recall upon boosting
  • Naturally reversible
  • Specific response avoids off-target activity
  • Mass scalability
  • Ability to break immune tolerance to target endogenous pathogens of chronic disease

Using the Vaxxine Platform Against Infectious Disease

Vaxxinity is developing a unique multitope peptide-based vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2.  From our success using our platform to create a Vaxxine against FMDV (food and mouth disease virus, animal health), we learned the critical importance of eliciting both an antibody response and a long term T-cell response against multiple epitopes of a virus to achieve robust immunity.  We’ve applied this lesson to our SARS-CoV-2 Vaxxine, using not only a T-helper carrier and recombinant S1-RBD protein linked to an Fc antibody domain, but also various synthetic peptide T-cell epitopes covering various regions of M, N, and S2.

Using the Vaxxine Platform Against Chronic Disease

Our Vaxxines represent a brand new class of medicines combining the advantages of monoclonal antibodies and small molecules, with few of the drawbacks.

A key unique aspect of the Vaxxine platform is our library of synthetic peptide T-helper immunogens.  These immunogen “carriers” are themselves immunosilent, while directing a highly specific response against the B-cell antigen(s) to which they are linked using our proprietary linking methodologies.  This drives the vast majority of the immune response against the target, not against the carrier, and avoids unwanted inflammatory effects.

This approach allows our Vaxxines to overcome immune tolerance and target endogenous proteins of chronic disease like Aβ, alpha-synuclein, tau, CGRP, and PCSK9.  By turning the body into its own “drug factory,” the Vaxxine platform has the potential to replace monoclonal antibodies in a safe, convenient, cost effective, and accessible modality suitable for early treatment and prevention.