Our Platform

Our Vaxxine Platform is designed to harness the immune system to convert the body into its own natural “drug factory” stimulating the production of antibodies.

Our technology uses synthetic peptides to mimic and optimally combine biological epitopes to selectively activate the immune system and overcome “immune tolerance”, or the body’s tendency to avoid attacking molecules within your own body. Traditional vaccine technologies have to date fallen short in attempts to achieve this due to insufficient responses and side effects.

The platform has been scientifically validated, with billions of doses commercialized in animal health, and 6 human clinical trials successfully completed.

How it works

The Vaxxine Platform works like a sheep in wolf’s clothing, using a synthetic piece of a harmful self-protein that your body normally sees as a “sheep”, linked to a synthetic peptide that acts as “wolf’s clothing,” signaling the immune system that the “sheep” is actually harmful.

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We take our proprietary platform to address diseases with validated and novel targets.


Break immune tolerance with high response rate and antibody titers

Minimize off-target response

Long acting response

Synthetic, low-cost, scalable

Plug & play, modular

Why does it matter?

The current drug landscape is dominated by monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) which are developed, produced and purified outside the body and then transfused into the patient on a regular basis, as often as bi-weekly. This makes mAbs inherently less efficient than vaccines, which instead stimulate antibody production by patient’s own immune system, requiring both less active material and less frequent treatments.

Our Vaxxines, on the other hand, are designed to be less than 1% of the COGS of a mAb and more convenient in administration. Our products are designed to be injected in quarterly or longer intervals via intramuscular injection, as easy as a flu shot. Moreover, the manufacturing processes are highly scalable, require lower capital expenditures and can leverage existing infrastructure to deliver across the globe.

By turning the body into its own antibody “drug factory”, we develop medicines that are easier to make, easier to take and dramatically less costly than mAbs.

Diseases don’t discriminate, and neither should medicines.